Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day in Massachusetts

We had a lovely and relaxing time in Massachusetts with friends. (O, how the Atlantic coast speaks to my soul!) Such a nice time that I almost forgot that I'm knee deep in a portfolio site redesign, the job search and to make things slightly more exciting... moving. again. Don't worry it's only about 9 blocks away. Wish me luck!

1 million Memorial Day kisses to my sister and all of the service women & men out there. Thank you.

*I'll be posting some invites that I never got around to as I shoot them all for my new site. Bear with me and stay tuned!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kendra + Stephen: Programs

I gave a little peek of Kendra + Stephen's wedding invites awhile back but now that the wedding is over I'm excited to share a few more details! I designed their programs and made some little cards that sat by the guest book and on the buffet table to let the guests know what all the food was.

The wedding and reception were at a beautiful mission-style church in Fort Worth, Texas. Kendra literally looked like she was standing in a beam of light with her blonde hair & white dress in the early Texas sun!

Thanks Kendra + Stephen for letting us be such a big part in your wedding. We love you!

*I will post details of the invites soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warmbelly Brews: Snow Day Stout

J & our friend Jeff have been doing some homebrewing the past few months. They started on the first snow day of the year (they're both teachers) with an eggnog milk stout. The first time I tried it it tasted like Robitussin (but I was very sick at the time...) I tried it again about 3 weeks ago and it was so yummy! Nutmeg-y and not too dark for a day in late April.

I designed some handlettered low-fi labels for their first batch that they dubbed "Snow Day Stout." Next up on their roster is a triple ale and then a big batch of a spring saison but they have to taste them before they name them so we'll see what the guys come up with! I'm really excited to be a small part of this fun collaboration!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Part-Time Music

Here's a little something else I have been meaning to share for awhile...
My dear friend, Bryant (who I have known for 13 years!), writes a great blog called Part-Time Music. He asked me to create a new blog header for him and when I took a look at his flickr account I was blown away at the library of great photos he has on there. It was so nice to tap into his personal archives while working on this project.

I highly recommend checking out his music blog, he'll introduce you to something new every week, I can guarantee it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Secrets Burst: A Reunion

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with my friend, Katie, on a poster for the final reading of the Secrets Burst writing group. This group of friends and colleagues has been writing and sharing their work together for a few years now and much of the group has or will be dispersing across the U.S. — hence their "final reading."

I was in Texas busy with my sister's wedding last week so I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot to post this until now (as the reading was actually last week...) many, many apologies to Secrets Burst and anyone that would have liked to attend!

As always, thank you Katie and Secrets Burst for letting me be apart of the fun!
See the poster that I did last year here.