Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am here.

Far from bored or idle— just not much to blog about this fall. I'm okay with that.

Friends are coming to Brooklyn today for the whole weekend. I made some Halloween masks for J and I.

Enjoy to fall before winter sets in!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Settling into Fall

I went to D.C. this weekend to spend some time with two dear friends, we had a fantastic time and I'm already missing them both terribly!

After over a month of denial that it's no longer summer I'm finally accepting and settling into fall. I really do love fall on it's own but it feels like a sentinel for winter which I'm never excited about.

I've been spending the cooler, darker evenings at home—cooking and working on a series of projects that the frivolous summer did not have time for.

*and yes, Lacey is touching Kennedy (what a nut)! Happy (early) Birthday Lace!!! xo

Friday, October 9, 2009

Canyon Echo

After living our new apartment for 3 1/2 months we've finally decided that we are going to paint the bathroom and in a moment of inspiration (maybe?) we decided on a color in about 4 minutes. I'll be heading to the hardware store first thing tomorrow for a bucket of Canyon Echo. I'm hoping it makes our closet-sized bathroom feel like a canyon... though I'm not holding my breath.

Have an inspired weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jessica & Windsor's Wedding Invites & Programs

Earlier this year I designed a wedding set for Jessica & Windsor. Jessica came to me with a pretty clear vision. Both of them are musicians but while she is über feminine, classic, all about flowers, organic lines etc... Windsor is modern, clean lines & all about symmetry.

Jessica presented me with the idea of a "city park" something that has a orderly feel but retains some of that organic whimsy and of course flowers. Jessica & Windsor also share a love for Italy and spent their honeymoon there. I developed the pattern based on cobblestone or brick-layed streets and paths in a city part or in an Italian palazzo. I still wanted to get something handmade in there so we wrapped the cards in hemp and use a wax seal to hold it all in place.

Jessica did a great job of finding the wax seal & embellishing the envelopes herself.

The photos below are of the programs that I designed at their wedding. Below photos by Lauren Walker.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Photos from a Train

When we went to Philly we took a train. I think the trip back was like a therapy session for me! I just stared out the window at all of the trees & waterways. When we would get to a town or station there would be dilapidated buildings with broken windows covered in vines, rusty structures & bridges. The kind of things that speak to my soul!

*something about these images feels a little bit west Texas to me. Maybe it's the color...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Canning Confession

I like pickles.
I know some people that would die of shock if they heard me say that. But let's be clear. I like my pickles. They're pretty delicious and I might have eaten a whole jar by myself for a snack. While I was making dinner.

They took a good 3 weeks before they were ready. The pickled okra are fantastic as well—also a 3 week wait. I tried to eat some okra (just to test them) before the 3 weeks and they were really tough and I couldn't really bite through them.

We're in vinegar heaven.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a photo for this day.

I received an email from Brandi (who I have never met face to face though I'm happy to be getting to know) a few weeks ago requesting a photograph of my shadow during an adventure. This is what I sent to her. I should play with J's tripod more often, it was really fun!