Friday, May 29, 2009

Packed and ready!

I'm hitting the road this evening. Off to DC (I've never been!) to see the lovely twins, Beth & Abbey. Looking forward to a girly weekend of cupcakes, wine & art museums. (not that those things are particularly girly...)

Have a beautiful weekend. (J, I miss you already! xo.)

*my favorite over-night bag (above). I can't remember exactly what shop I got it from in downtown Fredericksburg but I have had it for years now & I love it! It was made by women in Guatemala that repourposed their old dresses.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i need this.

& here's why:
1. i love hot tubs.
2. i love the great outdoors.
3. i miss the boys already. (not sure why this is relevant other than the hot tub would be comforting...)
4. work is very busy & i'm not sure how i'm going to get everything finished in a reasonable amount of time. (again, irrelevant maybe other than for comfort and relaxation... throwing caution to the wind and drinking bloody marys.)
5. i'm going to D.C. this weekend to see the twins, I want to do nothing but eat cupcakes and drink wine with them... maybe while sitting in this fun hot tub...
6. i'm going to miss J this weekend. we haven't been apart since Nicole & Josh's wedding...

*via desire to inspire

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, boys!

Some weekend highlights in no particular order:

Staten Island Ferry, E.J.'s Luncheonette, Guitar + Rooftop, finding out that both Kirk & Trevor can play the harmonica!, Curry Hill, The Met, Harlem, Rucker Park, brunch on the roof, late night donuts & chinese takeout, marching through the streets of Park Slope with a guitar + harmonica + singing boys!

Much fun was had at our joyful reunion, most everyone is on their way home now & exhaustion is setting in.

Friday, May 22, 2009

happy long-weekend!

Some of the best guys in the world are here in bklyn visiting for the weekend. I have a feeling (based on much prior knowledge) that it's gonna be a wild one!

happy Memorial Day! xo.

*these are some of the boys' bikes about 2 summers ago...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

another man's treasure!

Some of you may or may not know how garbage works in Brooklyn. There are no dumpsters or alleys so it goes on the side of the street (only on certain days of the week, of course). If you don't want a piece of furniture, old dishes, whatever, you just set it outside and some one is likely to scoop it up. This is how we came by our heavy wooden dresser, a great over-sized picture frame & other treasures. One time J found a stack of really awesome records on the street – our theory on that find was that someone's girlfriend must have been seeking revenge!

We found two 60s era Lady Baltimore pieces of luggage sitting out on the street a few weeks ago. They are beautiful and in mint condition. (no weird stains or smells are hard to come by in the vintage suitcase world!)

They are now home to my fabric & ribbon stash & all of our CD cases. I love Bklyn!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


My pants got stuck in my chainring on my bike this morning. (yes, they were rolled up to avoid this...) The crossing guard for the school had to come over to rip my pants free because I was sorta trapped.

I'm totally fine, just some scraps and a bruised knee. O, and my pants are shredded now, I guess I'll have to turn them into shorts.

*Due to this morning's events I'm reconsidering any long-ish or flowing dresses/skirts + the bike for the summer (even though I'm not much of a short skirt girl.) This note from The Sartorialist, however, is encouraging.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Iron & Wine

J got me Iron & Wine tickets for my birthday. The show was last night & it was so beautiful in a small theatre under the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan. He played this song last, (Trapeze Swinger) I had never heard it before but it made me weep.

They also gave us these beautiful letterpressed "commemorative tickets" so pretty!

Thanks J for an amazing night! xo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paris in the rain.

You may have noticed that I listed Paris in the rain as one of the things that make me terribly happy. And with Wednesday's french-fetish that started to go too far I thought I would dig up a few pics of Paris (in the rain!)

Abbey (my partner in crime) & I went to the Rodin Sculpture Gardens & we haven't been the same since. It had a profound affect on Abbey especially who continues to talk with all sincerity about going on sabbatical in Santa Fe and learning to work in the medium. We practically wept while wondering though the rain & the larger-than-life bronze sculptures. I still can't look at the The Burghers of Calais (Les Bourgeois de Calais) with out getting choked up.

*Abbey, please don't kill me for including this pic of you... you let me walk around clutching your arm declaring that I was in love for the entire trip!

wrestling + typography

pretty much the best thing I've seen all week.

*via seesaw designs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a little hand lettering // French Milk

Such a lovely book cover! I've been inspired by the simplicity of the hand drawn lettering and figure over the photograph for weeks. Nothing about it looks over-thought. & that blue just whispers french to me... Does light blue make anyone else think of France? I have a light blue dress & when I wear it I walk around feeling french! Like I drink fresh milk for breakfast eat lavender short-bread biscuits... (I think I'm taking this too far...)

*via A Cup of Jo

**More exciting content coming to A Paper City soon... I have projects a-brewin'!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a confession...

This is my weakness. Especially on days like today when my fridge holds no fruit or things of quick, yummy, healthy nature & my lunch is a lame can of Amy's soup. I don't care what you say about Amy's other quick foods, some are quite good but her soups are lame, mushy & flavorless. (Obviously, we are over due for a trip to the COOP!)

So, what's a girl to do... lame lunch laking in flavor & texture with a bagel shop on the corner. Warm, toasted, cream cheese slathered (and I do mean slathered) goodness. I can't even wait to get back to the office before I tear into it getting scallion cream cheese all over myself.

It is important to note that this issue is severely compounded by the fact that I live in New York City.

Monday, May 11, 2009

it's here!

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday evening?! My yudu came in! (lucky me & lucky-clients-of-mine, I can't wait to use it on Annie & John's reception invites!) Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to use it this weekend. But we did catch the the Domino tag sale. It was quite picked over but we enjoyed the outing anyway.

I hope all of you Mommies out there had a relaxing Mother's Day! Have a beautiful Monday, darlings!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Marc Johns // illustrations

oh man. Illustrations of 3 of my favorite things! (I don't think I even need to say anything else.)

*rad illustrations by Marc Johns.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Insipred by rockstar diaries... a list of 10 things that make me terribly happy:

10. fireflies at camp
9. the silence of fresh snow at night & the glow it creates
8. waking up with my husband
7. sitting outside with blankets & coffee
6. the first time I wear a scarf in the fall
5. the first time I wear a sun dress in the spring
4. holding babies (animal or human)
3. red wine
2. old friends
1. my sisters

Once I got rolling I found this little exercise to be really refreshing & I didn't want to stop. So here are a few more for good measure!

the smell of fall // fires in the backyard, or camping, or in a fireplace // going thrift store shopping... alone (I find this incredibly inspiring) // falling in love with a new album // wearing J's flannel shirts // the smell of my friend Lacey's bedroom! // listening to Patty Griffin and baking, alone. // hugging my dearest friends... for a long time! // a great massage // sitting around the coffee table with all my favorite ladies... in pj's! // linen. // perfectly folded laundry // a little sunburn // salty beach hair (or Guad hair) // Martha's Vineyard. // getting water from a stream. // waking up with the sun // seeing the sunset over Manhattan from my roof. // listening to & smelling rain though an open window while I shower. // opening all of the windows after a spring rain // italy // paris in the rain // driving off of the caprock on a roadtrip listening to good music // hand lettering // embroidery // sewing. // OUTDOOR SHOWERS! ... that's a good one to end on!

*if it's gloomy where you are I recommend writing your own list, it does help! photos by me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two of Hearts

Amelia's Magazine has an open brief for illustrators to design a Two of Hearts card. This sounds like it's going to be a really fun collaboration for those who participate.

Since I missed this due to stresses at home maybe I should get my act together for this competition. Anyone out there want to join me for an e-critique? We can help motivate each other, share sketches... anyone? I know some of you are bona fide illustrators and designers, come on, what's more fun than designing a Two of Hearts! I've wanted a chance to design a playing card ever since my friend & former professor Dirk got to design one of these cards for gigposters.

email me if you want to get in on a little e-crit session or something of that nature...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Erasmus Hall Video Club

J teaches at Erasmus Hall (both Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand went there) some of his students are in a video club and made some really great films that competed and did really well in the Tribeca Film Festival. J was interviewed by one of his students in the film above titled, Views on Hate.

Visit the Erasmus Hall Video blog to see more talented student work including a film on Banksy's Pet Shop in the Village.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Friday

I'm off to a photo shoot today. We're shooting berry pies (among other things) so I've got pies on the brain. I'm wishing that I had a beautiful antique cooling rack like this one in Petrina Tinslay's photograph via d*s.

Have a great weekend darlings!