Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the twinkle...I think...

For a few days my gchat status has been, "feeling a little twinkle of inspiration & personal there something new on the horizon?"

I really didn't know what that meant when I wrote it. I felt like there would be an inspiring personal project coming up soon but I'm so busy with the magazine and other things that I didn't know how or what. Until I saw this post from Stef about a project for Good 50x70.

*is anyone up for a collaboration, or getting together (virtually) for some brainstorming/crits... you know, just for the fun of it?

**above typography from Good 50x70.


Justin said...

I would be excited to collaborate with you anytime.

Miss Pepping said...

I'm so glad you're into this, and I think it would be really great to collaborate on something! And you know, I was reading through things, and I don't see a limit anywhere of how many pieces you can enter. So that leaves our options pretty open. I wish we could just all meet down in B19 like old times.

kd-m said...

ahahaha! yeah but B19 sucked a lot of life out of me too...(i find my new surroundings much more inspiring) not that that those weren't "the good ole days" because they were.

Sheri Koetting said...

If you are looking for a real round table critique, consider joining, Spark (a group of independent designers who meet each month to discuss business and creative issues relevant to small design studios)
for their round table discussion and review of self-promotions on May 5th.

I believe you would find all of their events relevant, but this one will be especially on point to your request.