Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a little hand lettering // French Milk

Such a lovely book cover! I've been inspired by the simplicity of the hand drawn lettering and figure over the photograph for weeks. Nothing about it looks over-thought. & that blue just whispers french to me... Does light blue make anyone else think of France? I have a light blue dress & when I wear it I walk around feeling french! Like I drink fresh milk for breakfast eat lavender short-bread biscuits... (I think I'm taking this too far...)

*via A Cup of Jo

**More exciting content coming to A Paper City soon... I have projects a-brewin'!

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Miss Pepping said...

I concur. Light blue really does feel French for some reason. You? Taking it too far? Not far enough, I say! :)

(No really, though, if I saw someone in a light blue dress [don't own one myself] I would be thinking France in the back of my mind. I also secretly consider my business card French.)