Monday, September 28, 2009

General Washington, Ben Franklin & the gang!

Our trip to Philly this weekend was wonderful. We saw lots of historic landmarks and the weather could not have been more perfect (on Saturday, at least). I think my favorite was Elfreth's Alley, the oldest, contunually residential street in America.

It all looked so colonial, I felt like I was Felicity. (Yes, the American Girl. Yes, I read all of those books as a child. All of them.)

After a day chockfull of history & walking when I spotted General Washington's Tavern Porter at the Foodery I was all over it. (Who knew I was so patriotic!) Turns out it's (supposidly) from General Washington's original recipe & awesome. It was brewed maybe 15 miles away from where I was at the time and my next trip to Philly will include a tour of Yards Brewery.

*A big thanks to Jeff & Leanne for showing us around Philly!

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amanda boyd said...

I was the girl that wanted an American Girl doll and her parents would never buy one for her. Sad day.

But, hey, it looks like the trip was a blast! Justin is such a goob in that pic, posing with Washington. A good kind of goob. I miss you guys.