Friday, August 29, 2008

Fotographia // Bella Italia

I'm going through some old photos I took when I was studying in Italy a few summers ago. J will be teaching 9th grade Global History (the really old stuff) so I'm pulling images I took in Pompeii, Roma, Ravenna, Firenze, etc to help him decorate his classroom. (He gets kids on TUESDAY!) I thought I would share a few.

That was just a random selection from a trip to Ravenna. Maybe I'll post some of the really fun ones dolce vita!

I also have a yummy Labor Day cocktail recipe coming up in a little while so check's not Italian, it's Mexican...we're just traveling the world today.

addio per ora i miei amici!
(sorry, I can't help it!)

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Lauren W said...

Oh KD... you make me miss it... Jessica (Sudduth) is going to Italy for her honeymoon next summer. They're talking about someplace between Firenze and Pisa. Any tips for her? :)