Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Artist Profile // Jonathan D. Baker

My friend Jonathan (or "Baker" to his friends) just launched his new site. He's a very talented artist and web-guru. His emphasis is in photography but going through art school with him I honestly haven't seen any medium that this guy can't work in. He's about to make the big move from Texas to the Mountainous-Wonderland of Denver, Colorado to fulfill his dream of working hard and playing harder!

Do take a look at his new site, amalgamis. And browse through his photography portfolio to see some deserted desert loveliness.

If you know anyone in the Denver area that Jonathan should know about, or if you are in need of a web-guru...drop him a line, he would be happy to hear from you!

OH! and Jonathan helped me immensely with my web site. (aka: I gave him the artwork, he advised me in the ways-of-the-web and put it together for me!)

*Thanks Baker, good luck in Denver!

photos by Jonathan D. Baker via amalgamis.

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