Thursday, September 25, 2008

a pretty dress for a special day!

As mentioned previously, 1 week from today I will be in sunny San Antonio, Texas for a very important day in the lives of a very beautiful little family! I will wear this pretty dress (the fancy lace one) on request of the bride (one of my oldest, and dearest friends) and these very snazzy shoes (they are American Eagle, possibly from their winter 2007 collection?) that I found in mint condition at the Salvation Army for $6 (which I love). I know this post is a bit pre-mature but I'm getting excited because I haven't seen any of my girl friends in over 2 months and it will be a very fun-filled weekend. (ahhh, the river walk in the fall!) Besides, it's getting rather cold here in Brooklyn (I'm shivering in a scarf in my apartment) and some Texas sun would do me some good!

(p.s. Collee, God-bless-you for picking such pretty dresses that we can actually wear again (I'm already thinking holiday parties!) and not something like this...I'm just sayin'...)

*Is that model in the Nordstrom dress the same model as the one (in the adjacent photograph) that models for Free People? I'm just wondering...I spend too much time looking a pretty clothes on Free People...apparently.

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Amanda said...

ohh, cute dress! i agree, bridesmaids dresses should be cute enough (and not wayyy too formal) to be worn again!