Thursday, October 30, 2008

bar stool madness!

I was at my local Salvation Army – again. (Have I mentioned my love of thrift stores? It is a passion of mine, really. I had rituals when it came to thrift store shopping in Lubbock.) I found these beautiful West Elm bar stools. I got the set for $100, they are in perfect condition, so comfortable & look great in the apartment!

It took me 2 trips to bring them home on the bus (& apparently you aren't supposed to take furniture on the bus?!) but it was worth it! A guy on the street was shocked when I came out of the Salvation Army carrying one of the chairs. He apparently has the same ones at home and said he paid a pretty penny for them...all for his cat to tear one of them up! Then, he congratulated me on my find.

I've tried to find what they retail for online, I found a similar set for $450. I must say, I'm basking in my chair glory right now!

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