Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Pizzeria in Bklyn!

On a whim (& per some friend's recommendation...) J & I ventured 3 stops on the F train Sunday night to Lucali's Pizzeria in Carroll Gardens. We waited in the cold for 30+ minutes, but the wait was very worth it. J was raving about his "food euphoria" for hours after we left.

There are 2 things on the menu: pizza pie or calzone. The atmosphere with the huge, built-by-hand brick pizza oven is simple, rustic & warm.

Thanks J for a lovely night out!

*I didn't take pictures because it was so dark in there but found this one on yelp by I.C. O....that's the owner/mastermind, Mark, behind the counter. You should see him in action!


leah said...

that's great. i'm sure there is a lot more opportunity in your area compared to tx. i will be following your blog to see where you end up! best of luck.

Justin said...

It was just delicious, the two day leftovers not as delicious. However still pretty tasty.