Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays, darlings.

Things have been busy/crazy 'round these parts. A bucket of snow is headed for NYC tonight and so are (part of) the family. I got my DBA (doing business as) today, so I officially am the sole-proprietor of Paper City Design. (Which, to all you Texas pals that told me it's really easy and cost like $15...psh! Not in NYC! try a wild goose chase and $130! but it's okay, I'm still excited!)

I also spent the last week working on a little labor of love that also happens to be top-secret at the moment. Maybe I'll show a few little peeks around the end of 2008, we'll see.

I may not be posting until after the Holidays so I'll leave you with this. Have a joyful holiday!


Anne Wesley said...

sure, post the video that made my emotional-in-the-morning-self cry!

paperlust said...

congrats on the license! yeah... i've heard cost and such can vary by state... sorry it was so difficult! guess you should have stayed in texas... :)