Friday, February 27, 2009

Strandz Hair Design

I just wrapped up a small-scale branding project with Strandz Hair Design in Lewisville, Texas. Tiffany, the owner, was looking for something eye-catching, edgy, but fun - with an industrial feel. As a huge portion of her clients are women we had to keep a little softness in there as well. I will admit, she had a hard time selling me on the green but I have come to love it and similar shades are showing up in my other work now too!

I just wish that I lived in the Dallas area so I could have such a fabulous hair designer!


two brunettes said...

this is cute!

paperlust said...

love the green! it is my personal opinion that (the right shade of) green makes anything look better :)

kd-m said...

aaahaha! You would, Amanda!