Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Closet Escapism!?

I spent part of the morning defending myself:

"I am not an escapist! I'm just not. There are too many things that I have to deal with on a daily basis! I don't even own a T.V.! How could I be an escapist?!"

The accusation was made because I'm a Pisces, and since I don't put much salt into astrological signs – I don't know what the "Pisces traits" are... one of them, obviously, is escapism.

Then I was flipping though one of my inspiration folders and found these shots & I immediately wanted to be in the shot, relaxing, alone with a good book or good friends, far, far away (there was also this post on Friday) ... Maybe I am, in some corner of my mind, a "closet escapist" – but isn't that an oxymoron!?

*photo inspiration from Marie Claire Maison, Architectural Digest & some unknown sources. (if you know where they are from please let me know!)

1 comment:

GiDu said...

Oh my! I would love to escape to some of those places, too!