Friday, June 19, 2009

We're moving!

Next weekend we're moving across the 'hood. No big thing (not like last time!). Ever since we signed on the new place I've been nervous since we weren't supposed to move until August I hadn't mentally prepared myself to move out of our first home together. The small studio that we've grown to love. It took work but it's a totally livable spot and we've both grown and changed a lot in the last year in that one room.

Enough with the sentimental musings...We started boxing a few things last night and I can't wait to get in to the new space and paint, get a couch & have dinner parties!

*shots from around the web in my home inspiration folder on my desktop.


aleks said...

where are you moving to?!
alos, hi its aleks i read your blog deal with it.

paperlust said...

how exciting! more space, i hope?

hellosteffi said...

thanks for the etsy link. i'll check it out soon!

Amy said...

That's so exciting!! Congratulations to you both on the new move :-) I saw these pictures and, knowing you the little I do, actually believe those were of your apartment. I WANT to live in such an amazing place!!! Hope the move goes well!!!