Thursday, July 30, 2009

a paper city turns 1 today!

Today marks one year of my first blogging venture, a paper city. I can remember, one year ago today, while living with people I had never met (friends of friends)... sitting alone in our new city at Tillie's Cafe with my laptop and creating a paper city. With just over 200 posts in 365 days I'm modestly pleased with it. It kept me creatively fulfilled during my 3 1/2 months of unemployment. It gives me a place to share my design endeavors & my adventures with J in our new city with the ones we love.

It's certainly a hodgepodge of things and has drifted away from purely design but I love too many other things in this life not to share. I'm also a firm believer that people, especially creative people, are constantly drawing inspiration from all the things in their lives. So while I may not always be posting about my new favorite illustrator, I'm trying a new recipe or discovering new music.

Thanks to you readers (all 4 of you!) for sticking around & making me feel like I'm not alone!

*photo by revivify.


RK said...

Congrats K-Mac. Still reading. Still learning. For Why?

Mits said...

Happy Birthday! I thought to you this a.m. The Today show special guest was Kings of Leon! I was wondering if you were there?