Thursday, August 20, 2009

A little more illustration, because it's good for the soul!

While perusing Julia Guther's site (see last post) I came across this beauty. I'm a sucker for folk art, anything hand drawn, mountains, goats...yakks... I'll stop there for now but this illustration really caught my eye amidst all of her other really great work.

Seeing Guther's illustration made me think of this outdoor piece that made my heart skip-a-beat earlier today here. I love the colors they used, a little unexpected and reminecent of autmn. We're working on Halloween/fall photoshoots this week so mentally I'm being forced to change seasons a little sooner than I want to. Even though it's sweltering (I'm talking sweating while you sit still, breathing steam all night!) in our 4th floor walk-up apartment but I'm not quite ready for fall. This Texan can take the city's cement heat-bubble!

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