Monday, March 22, 2010

roof: part one of what is likely to be many

Our dear friend Russ came to Brooklyn and stayed with us for a week... among many other things he made me laugh hysterically every day & he figured out how to open the door to get on our roof (which may or may not have an "emergency exit only" alarm on it but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal...right!?).

One thing that I am learning that I absolutely cannot live without is access to an outdoor space on my home. Be that a roof top, front porch, backyard, decent sized (i.e. not SRO and must hold more than 1 chair) balcony—fire escapes of average size do not count. I could, perhaps live with either a nice park directly across the street or, in my most blissful, if not wildest dreams—a beach. If the weather is decent I just need to be outside but I don't always want to be "out" walking around the 'hood. Don't get me wrong, Prospect Park is a dream come true and a quick 8 min. walk from my door but if I want to have a little aperitivo it's, well, illegal besides the hassle of packing and toting food, drink, cups, blanket, book etc. All of that to say, thank you, dear Russell for giving me what, after 5 months sitting in a 350 square-foot apartment, feels like my freedom!

These shots were taken (while working on our taxes on the roof) with the fancy camera that I'm learning how to use properly... obviously having some issues with the fading evening light but in a weird way all of these look cool even if they aren't remotely representative of the light at the time!

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