Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stoop-Sale finds

Here in Brooklyn we don't have garages or yards (well, most of us don't) so we don't have yard sales or garage sales. But we do have stoops. So we do have stoop sales. I spotted these little gems at a sale 2 weekends ago and still can't get over that old ink packaging!

The gentleman I bought them from said they were his son's and that I should just tell him what I would pay for them. I got the whole lot for $3. Three. dollars. I've often eyed lino cutting tools at art supply stores but just can't stand buying the plastic kits they make now. Expect to see some lino prints coming soon!

And then there's this beauty... the couch J spotted on his way home from his Saturday morning bike ride. (it's a lot less orange and a lot more yellow in real-life.) Oh, and did I tell you? We moved. yes. again. For the last time in NYC. no more. But our place is bigger, cheaper and in the same 'hood. And quieter. We wake up to the sound of woodpeckers. I'm not kidding. Good-bye honking horns, we've moved to the country! (or at least that's what it feels like...)


aleks said...

im coming over

paperlust said...

love the new couch! and i'm glad you found a bigger place...