Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warmbelly Brews: Empire Saison

Warmbelly Brews brewed this beer at the beginning of the summer—possibly my favorite of their beers so far.

I drew the Empire State Building on this label while sitting in the King's County Courthouse looking out the picture window at the Manhattan skyline (and the Empire State Building) while I was serving jury duty. I also hand drew the letters while sitting many long hours there as well.

They have an ESB (currently sitting in my closet...) that will be ready for sampling this weekend. J wrote the ESB recipe himself with some inspiration from the West Coast beers we had on our trip so as he says, "it's gonna be a hoppy boy!" As soon as they taste it and name it I'll be whipping up some new labels!

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Anonymous said...

hoppy boys. man, those west coast hops are no bueno. Long live warm bellies.