Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our invites

I thought it would be appropriate to post images of the invites I labored over since I posted the guest book yesterday...and they just match so nicely.

In case any of you are wondering...the fabric is screen printed by hand with a pattern I based off of the etched glass on the lanterns that the bridesmaids carried. (These lanterns also doubled as center pieces on the the wrought iron tables out on the lawn.) I had a rubber stamp made with our initials and the pine tree that I drew. I used block printing inks rather than a regular ink pad with the stamp 1. because it gave me more control over the color & 2. to give it a little more texture and definition than you would get from a stamp pad. Then, I sewed them to the cards that I had printed digitally at my local printer. The cards are actually a natural color, not bright white, it's a little difficult to tell in the photos. The fantastic yellow envelopes matched the screen printed fabric perfectly, are A-4 size, 30% recycled paper, and I found a great deal on them here.

Even though these little guys were quite labor intensive...I have to admit, being your own client on something like this is a graphic designer's dream!

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