Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bklyn Bride // Bklyn Pillow

After doing our wedding and spending countless hours researching I found most of my inspiration in the blogosphere. I know some of my dearest friends are currently planning a wedding (some more publicly than others, wink, wink!) So I've mentioned and showcased a few of my wedding vendor friends and inspirations. I would like to also direct your attention to these fabulous handmade ring pillows by wedding blogger, Vane. Her blog is chock full of inspirations and great vendors if you're in NYC.

my favorite is pictured above, can you tell I'm getting psyched for fall!?

photo from Bklyn Pillow.


Lauren W said...

Ohh... I'm with you on those. I love that color combo!
Maybe I can convince Jessica to let me make their ring pillows...
Meanwhile, I just wrote a post about ganache (and your mom's brownies ;)).

Amanda said...

wow, those are beautiful! we wanted to have our dog, scottie be the ring bearer at our wedding (that didn't ever happen, though). how wonderful would that have been to tie such a cute pillow to his back!