Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chronicle Books + Eleanor Grosh + Jason Munn

Oh, imagine my delight when I was reading grain edit this morning and not only did he do a tour at Chronicle Books in San Fran but, they [chronicle] have been collaborating with TWO of my favorite. artists. ever. (well, living artists that is.)

I was introduced to both Eleanor Grosh (pushmepullyou design) & Jason Munn (the small stakes) via gig poster art. They both have a constant flow of incredible posters while working on other projects. Grosh was the designer behind all of the awesome keds designs, she has worked with Urban Outfitters on some apartment-wares among other things.

Munn just finished a big project with InSound Records called the InSound 20. They actually had the "unveiling" here in NYC and J and I went and saw all of his screen-printed-goodness live & in person. (it was all so very nice!)

Grosh images via
Munn images via


Amanda said...

mmm, i just love all those bright colors! and the drawings are beautiful... it took me a minute to realize there were books hidden away in there...

Annie said...

Hurrah! I LOVE Chronicle books, and buy my journals (obsessively) only from them. My favorite artist (currently, with Chronicle) is Yoshimoto Nara.