Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy Heavenly // ANZAC cookies

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a pretty big fan of 101 Cookbooks. I love the recipes & the photography is killer. I have yet to make anything too complicated (sometimes the ingredients were difficult to come by in Lubbock, but I made some substitutions) and it's always worth the extra step or ingredient. She really sticks to healthy and whole foods as well which is great if you want something not-as-southern-as-your-mom-made-it & usually always vegetarian or even vegan. I made these ANZAC cookies tonight for my dinner. (yes, I said dinner.) ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, you can get the cookie-lore here for a little background info. What I'm trying to say is I highly recommend this recipe. They were filling, fantastic & I didn't feel the urge to eat the whole pan. I also didn't use the orange blossom water that she suggested, I substituted with a little vanilla.

(Don't worry Mom, I ate the orange that I used for zest with them so that's not all I had for dinner!)

note: I can't & wasn't about to compete with Heidi's incredible photographs of her cookies. (besides hers are heart-shaped & mine were blobs.) So here's a shot of our lovely Kitchen Aid mixer, (a wedding gift) in pink for the Susan G. Komen Foundation...and the great evening light in our kitchen.

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