Friday, September 5, 2008

Inspiration for the Weekend // Handmade Nation

really rad.

You should check out the interview with Faythe Levine (DIY, craftster extraordinaire) in the NY Times as well, it's very cool and worth the read! The documentary, Handmade Nation, debuts in 2009. Ms. Levine also has a book out, co-written with Cortney Heimerl, Handmade Nation: the rise of D.I.Y., Art, Craft & Design.

must fight the urge to bust out the sewing machine right now and do other work...pooh! But maybe I'll go to the library this afternoon and see about that book...

ps: Ms. Levine's band, Wooden Robot, did the soundtrack for the movie, pretty. freakin. rad.

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brandi p said...

nice find... I feel incredibly inspired now.