Tuesday, September 16, 2008


J usually wears a beard. I like it.
Every once in awhile he gets a wild hair and shaves it down to a mustache. Usually in stages that last a few days, starting with a horribly scary trucker-handlebar-stache. (I requested that he skip that stage on this go-round.) Saturday afternoon, with one quick swipe of his switchblade he shaved the beard down to the mustachio. So here it is friends, J's new look. He can twizzle the ends into little curls. One of his students laughed so hard when J walked into the room he fell out of his desk!


Mits said...

j needs to experiment w/ a little dapper dan.

Lauren W said...

HA! That's awesome :D
I much prefer Josh with his facial hair (and shaggy hair, for that matter), too bad the AF has other ideas ;)
Meanwhile, did you see those mustache drinking glasses on d*s? I made a couple knockoffs. they turned out pretty fun :)

kd-m said...

He's been using NuNile...I'll post pictures of the packaging soon. It's craaaaazy! (it's for hair but he's improvising!)