Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fashion + Chocolate = Love

So maybe a friend of mine is a stylist, & maybe she got a friend & me in backstage at a fashion show. But not just any old fashion show in NYC, the Chocolate Show. The costumes had to be 40% chocolate. It was amazing to watch the models with a stylist, designer & chocolatier(s) getting ready!

Pretty much 100% of Xena & Lara Croft's costumes (above) were chocolate, including their weapons & parts of their boots. The Xena model said the animal medallions on her belt were made of pure sugar but were as heavy as metal!

Some of you may recognize Jaslene from America's Next Top Model (Wonder Woman). The annual event had a super hero theme this year...

*thanks Brandi! We had too much fun!


Lauren W said...

That's so cool! It's seriously amazing what chocolatiers can do.

Miss Pepping said...

That is amazing!!