Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rosie Thomas // Holiday Tour!!!

Pre-mature, I know. But I just found out & if you want to get tickets you need to jump on it! Rosie Thomas is following suit of her friend & fellow musician, Sufjan Stevens, by doing a holiday tour.

Growing up we listened to nothing but Amy Grant (what can I say, 3, Casey, our dance-fanatic cousin..."Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!") & my Mom refused to play anything but Bing Crosby for a month last year (even on the 12hr. round-trip car ride)...not that Bing isn't great but changing it up would have been nice. (sorry, Mom!)

What I'm trying to say is...I really love it when great (contemporary) artists put out a holiday album. I think I streamed Sufjan's [album] at work last year non-stop & drove my art director, Misty a little crazy!

*yes, Rosie's "River" is a Joni Michell song... & I might have an unnatural love for the female songstresses...Joni, Patty Griffin, Jolie Holland, Mara Lee Miller, Feist, Mirah, Joanna Newsom, with a little Lucinda Williams & Janis Joplin just to keep things from getting too sweet!

**edit: when J got home he said "Let's go!" so we got tickets to the Brooklyn show! yippeeee! (I haven't been to a Christmas concert since my sisters played in the junior high band!)

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