Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This American Life // Chicago Public Radio

Do you listen? The podcasts are free. You should try it sometime. I highly recommend it!


Miss Pepping said...

Have you listened to The Moth? It's amazing. Short stories recorded live, without notes. You might not like all of the stories but most are worth listening to. It's from New York. I highly recommend.

What's "This American Life" like?

kd-m said...

i have not heard of the moth but i will check it out!

This American Life: they choose one topic...then do 3 stories on each topic. covering 3 different points of view. do interviews etc. each is about 1 hr long.

Miss Pepping said...

Wow, that sounds pretty interesting! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the note on my blog, I had not really thought about if/when I change my name. That would be problematic. I like your solution, though. I may just do what you did. It is just so hard to think of a good name! I like your blog title, though. Very nice!