Monday, December 1, 2008

Missed friends & a poem.

A dearest friend may have written a poem – not about, but with some references to us. (click here to be lead to the poem)

I've been reading her poems for years & find them quite lovely...sometimes all-to-real pieces of memory.


*photo taken in Hattiesburg, MS, on the eve of our wedding. The author of the poem & her betrothed are pictured on the far right (literally a few minutes after their first meeting in a year!) Other dearly missed friends, Mark & Kirk, much love to you all!

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Anne Wesley said...

Of course I don't mind!
And also, regarding references in the poem: "yes, yes, and yes". (at least, I think there was a skunk). But redwine is many vineyard references, two separate summers, and many awkward moments I would re-do if I could.

Anyway, it's fun for me that you read my poems because of the pieces of memory that you quasi-share. I guess that's what comes of being friends for more than sixteen years(!!!). And I love that you're bringing your own stuff to the reading. THAT really excites me!
anyway, loves