Monday, January 5, 2009

Flea Market Finds

We've scored a few rad new items at flea markets lately. The first is an electric clock circa 1970. Even if it's a little slow, it's so much cooler than the blegh ones I've seen at Linens N Things.

And a pair of amazing horn-rimmed glasses that I actually plan to have some new lenses put into.(yes, Mom, just like the ones you used to wear!) J even got the seller to throw in the awesome granny style glasses case for free...(but the guy called J a "prejudice bast***"!) ah, New York!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope to resume some sort of regular posting soon-ish.


paperlust said...

hmm, nice finds! love the glasses! i need to also post some of my goodies from thrifting over the break...

Miss Pepping said...

Cute glasses!!