Friday, January 30, 2009

thoughts on color from an icy tundra of grayness.

O! Color! why have you gone out of this cold grey world that I live in? If you didn't read Sarah's (weeders digest) post on d*s you should do that right now. It is a hysterical & all-too-accurate account of what life is like in Brooklyn this frozen January!

I have been working quite dilligently on a project for a hair designer in the Dallas area (read: lots of fun colors!). And while searching for inspiration for the perfect color palette (here) I have had a growing love for one of my already-favorite colors right now. Pantone's Mimosa. Is it cliche? You tell me. But everytime I see it (or any of Mimosa's siblings, Curry, Turmeric, Mustard...) My heart leaps! And in the grey, ice-covered city that I live in she is a beacon of better things to come.

Also, a fantastic typeface found on itsnicethat (which you should read every morning for inspiration) by Marc Alcock.


Lauren W said...

We're pretty gray here too, but I do love color :)

paperlust said...

i have to agree with you on the weeder's digest post, it was probably the funniest thing i've read in quite a while.

love the mimosa. are you sure it doesn't have something to do with you also loving the drink?

can't wait to see some of your projects. sad you're not just a short drive away to brainstorm with anymore...

Sheri Koetting said...

Well Mimosa is the 2009 color of the year so it sounds like you are on the right track.

I love anything full of bright colors and apparently so do the Japanese You should see all of the things they are making in Pantone colors, like this:

Sheri Koetting said...

sorry, in case my photo isn't clear, that's a Pantone cell hot