Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jason Anderson // Pete's Candy Store

I have been a fan Jason Anderson's music for years. He played a show on Monday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Pete's Candy Store. We went, even on a Monday night (J is a teacher so we don't usually venture too far from home during the week) & we are so glad we did!

The fun, pure enjoyment & inspiration that his shows bring is both contagious & heartfelt. I'm still riding the wave of positive energy that Jason provided!

*I wanted to (& tried, fruitlessly) to load a video that I made of the show. I haven't quite figured out iMovie yet to edit the longer stuff. But you can check out some equally as uplifting videos of Jason's shows here on YouTube.

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Color Me Green said...

i live right by pete's! i contemplated going to one of his shows there but i'm not all that familiar with jason anderson's music so i never made it. i really should hit up pete's live music more often though.