Thursday, April 2, 2009

a New York Moment

After the Jason Anderson show we were going to take a taxi home. But we didn't have any cash so we hopped back on the L train. That's when we saw this, and had an incredible I live in New York City! moment.

*so the video is pretty shoddy but bare with me! & half way through, I noticed that there was someone in the other car actually filming them so I tried to move a bit and not be so obvious! oops!


Amanda B. said...

ha love it! if i recall correctly, liam and i were welcomed to the subways by a performance. definitely caught us off guard but we enjoyed every moment as onlookers.

dear dallas,
please add a subway system for my entertainment needs.

made sweet said...

i love it!! wish i had been there! that had to be improv everywhere right? so cool.