Thursday, August 13, 2009

Charley Harper Coloring Book

I've been a little MIA lately but I'm trying to remember to take time to enjoy the city in the summer rather than sit behind the computer for 15+ hours a day. We've been doing a lot things in the new apt as well, it's starting to come together. Slowly but surely.

Today we took a little office-adventure to Kate's Paperie and I found a Charley Harper coloring book. I just couldn't say no. Now the dilemna is do I color in it, keep it to look at, frame them... send it to one of my friends with a kids as a gift? Now I'm thinking I should have picked up a few...


Anonymous said...


i would have the same dilemma lol. maybe u can copy some pages out and then do your great loose watercolor work on top and frame em! id want one!!

hope all is well!

kd-m said...

Brilliant idea Lindsey! I love it!