Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fashion Illustration // Garance Doré

I have a secret obsession. I love fashion illustration. I suppose I hate to admit it because the figures are so distorted, nothing like "real women" in the least bit. Then there's the fashion industry as a whole with the eating disorders, "air brushing"/photoshopping... the negative psychological affect that it's had on such a huge percentage of our population and beyond... the over all facade can be rather sickening... that's not even starting to talk about the sweatshops & 3rd world labor prices... & these are just the humanitarian concerns. The guilt goes on an on... (well, I'll get off my soap box now, my apologies. & I do realize that this is not every person or company in fashion, there are some good-guys out there too!)

What I was really meaning to say is that I've been keeping some of Granace Doré's illustrations (& beautiful photos!) in my favorites for months. Ms. Doré has just released some of her writing and illustrations for Gap's 40th Anniversary series. Beautiful. I stopped buying "graphic tees" awhile back (except for this one that I recieved as a Christmas gift from J!) in an attempt to appear a bit more professional. That said, I would pick any of these up in a heartbeat!

This last image is just because I love that tattoo. I've been itching for another for quite sometime now and fell in love with this image!

*all illustrations & photos by Granace Doré.

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Leah said...

i love that tatt, too! (pun intended...)