Wednesday, September 2, 2009

your mom's a pickle! or, Canning: part 2

Over zealous and unprepared. That's what happened when I went to the farmer's market on Sunday afternoon. I wanted to do some canning this week. I had some old salsa & peanut butter jars but apparently those aren't safe for true canning. (the kind that lasts for years...)

J starts school (his second year of teaching!) next week, we're leaving town on Friday for Labor Day weekend in Chicago — this translates to: busy week, not a lot of time for frivolity or canning adventures. In an attempt to not loose the zucchini I got I decided to do these zucchini pickles tonight. The farmer's market didn't have summer squash so mine are all zucchini. I also haven't picked up the proper jars yet so I'm hoping that since these are going in the fridge and will be consumed within the next few weeks that we'll be safe from some of the frightening food poisoning that I've been reading about. I have to say, the process was simple and so were the ingredients and they smelled amazing! I can't wait until we get back from Chicago to try our pickles!
On a somewhat unrelated note, we got a surprise in the mail earlier this week. Our dear friend, Winston, has returned to Texas (after living in NYC for the past 6 years) to start a farm. He sent us some good ol' Texas dirt & a Lone Star bottle cap. I put it on display in a mason jar with the letter he sent us and the Bob Hope stamp off of the package for our own little Winson time capsule of sorts. Thanks Winston, we miss you too!

*p.s. my 6 year old camera may have bit the dust. I've been using J's camera for over a month now, it's not going so well. Any recommendations on an upgrade. Something better but not super fancy?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the pickles going bad in the fridge. I've heard that refrigerator pickles are pretty much good indefinitely as long as they are kept cold. I made another 4 jars of these pickles the weekend of July 18th, and we're still eating them, and we haven't died yet. They only get better with time. The vinegar is much less harsh now after 6 weeks in the fridge. We'll probably finish them this weekend - I've been eating them straight from the fridge, on salad, on chicken, burgers, pretty much everything but chocolate brownies! So glad you enjoyed the recipe.

paperlust said...

i just received a lot more cucumbers than i know what to do with... so i may be up on some canning too! my aunt is creating some pickles via sun canning (no boiling water...) so i am looking into this since i am fairly lazy in the kitchen.

as far as cameras go, i absolutely adore my nikon d60, but the d40s are very very similar and cost less.

hope you had a nice labor day!